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October 19, 2013

Memoirs- why write them? Jane H Davis

Why write a memoir? That was the question I pondered ever since my writing instructor, Alison, suggested that I should share my story. Really, I thought, who would want to read about me? She was pretty adamant that I would have a story that would hold interest for many. Alison was patient but persistent, “Jane, I don’t tell this to very many of my students, but you really do have a story that you need to tell the world!”

2,996 (a number to remember)

I am sitting at my computer today putting on the finishing touches to a speech I will be giving on Thursday, September 12th at Kings Park Library. I must pause for a min...

Meet and greets and new heroes

"Hi there, my name is Jane," I say, reaching out my hand to a woman I have never laid eyes on before. She warmly smiles at me and finds my hand. I sense a sadness in her eyes. I glance around the room and it seems to me everyone has that same look. Do I possess that same look?

Coming Home

Last week I had the opportunity to travel back to my home town of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

First Aid For Heroes

A Memoir by Jane H. Davis

We all encounter difficult obstacles throughout our lives. It’s the way that we respond to these events that defines us. First Aid for Heroes is the motivational story of Jane H. Davis: daughter, military spouse, mother, grandmother, and caregiver. Jane has dealt with many challenging obstacles in her life and persevered forward with passion. Follow Jane’s story as she copes with her husband’s major illnesses, her mother’s loss, and the emotional time when she was a Red Cross volunteer at Ground Zero in NYC for six and a half weeks after 9/11. These defining moments forced Jane to examine her inner strength and her ability to survive through very difficult and trying times

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